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Why do you need a buyer's agent?

Whether you’re relocating to the coast, finding your dream home, building your property portfolio or buying for the first time, investing in property shouldn’t come with question marks. Beyond finding a place that truly aligns in functionality and aesthetics, having confidence that your offers are being presented in the best possible light, that your best interests are being protected when it comes to purchasing, and that you are actually being heard and communicated with, is where we come in. From ensuring that we understand your brief and that you get to see everything that is available (including off-market and pre-market opportunities), to providing expert advice on local market trends, pricing and ‘hot spots’, we give you the inside knowledge that you may not otherwise have access to.

Know how to ‘elevate’ your offer – have confidence that it is strategic and has the best chance of being accepted, a clear advantage in the marketplace over buyers doing their own (limited) research.

Get access to exclusive pre-market and off-market opportunities.

Get insider knowledge on market trends, suburb updates and expert advice to have a clear advantage in the marketplace over buyers doing their own (limited) research.

How we can help you

The Full Service

Need a professional in your corner to make the whole process less overwhelming? We’ll do pretty much everything for you from sourcing the right property, evaluating its suitability and structuring your offer via a strategic negotiation through to all of the required inspections and settlement.

We make this a personal experience. Right from the initial consultation, we’ll take the time to ask the right questions that will help us understand exactly what you’re looking for, why, and perhaps even come up with a few things you may not have thought of yourself. Tailored to your needs, we can create a full-service package that includes everything you need and nothing you don’t.

What's Included

  • Property brief finalisation (suburbs, property type & budget)
  • Finance health check (if required)
  • Initial property search (feedback round)
  • Shortlist creation based on your property brief
  • Sourcing: strategic research & search (on-market, pre-market, off-market and withdrawn listings)
  • Inspect and/or re-inspect
  • Property negotiation & contract terms
  • Arrange and attend building & pest inspection
  • Solicitor/conveyancer liaison (if required)
  • Comprehensive due diligence
  • Pre-settlement inspection & settlement liaison

Perfect For

  • Frustrated local buyers who are not able to access all available property and would rather spend their weekends relaxing and not driving from one open home to the next unnecessarily
  • Those relocating from out-of-area, interstate or overseas who are time-poor and need a trustworthy (unbiased) representative ‘on the ground’ to scout locations, source all available opportunities, arrange inspections and handle the whole process on their behalf
  • Those needing a little extra guidance in the buying process

Assess and Negotiate

Happy to do all of the groundwork yourself? Found the property you love? We can help you buy it. If you prefer to do your own research, sourcing and inspecting but need a hand with securing it, we’ll help eliminate those pre-purchase (or auction day) nerves and settle any uncertainties. We’ll give you an honest assessment to help you understand the property’s actual value, we’ll look at everything from current market trends to comparable local sales, and decipher what the sales agent is providing you in terms of feedback.

What's Included

  • Property inspection (if required)
  • Unbiased advice on the property’s market value
  • Research-based pricing (low, high and mid range estimates)
  • Comprehensive due diligence
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Liaison with the sales agent
  • Contract review & terms
  • Arrange building & pest inspection (if required)
  • Pre-settlement inspection (if required)

Perfect For

  • Those who don’t necessarily have a time frame in mind for their purchase
  • Anyone wanting to outsource to a professional who can provide an unbiased opinion on suitability and negotiate on their behalf to secure their dream home, holiday retreat or investment property
  • Buyers that are concerned about overpaying
  • Interstate or international buyers who want dedicated representation on the Sunshine Coast when it comes to finalising the transaction

Auction Representation, Strategy & Bidding

Not sure of the smartest strategy when it comes to auction day? With over 20 years of auction experience at their disposal (either as an auctioneer or acting on a client’s behalf), our team will ensure that nothing is left to chance when representing you, including leading up to the auction and on the day. If it all comes down to strategy, can you afford NOT to have CPB in your corner?

What's Included

  • Auction day representation (including phone bidding if required)
  • Property value and price range assessment
  • Bidding strategy devised, outlined and implemented
  • Strategies covered: purchasing prior, on the day or post
  • Pre-auction meeting (with the sales agent, if required)
  • Negotiate bidding terms (if applicable)
  • Auction day strategy
  • Contract review (if required)
  • Pre-settlement inspection (if required)

Perfect For

  • First-time buyers or auction novices who are feeling nervous about the big day
  • Buyers who feel more confident or comfortable about specific auction representation (rather than the sales agent) 
  • Those who are unable to attend the auction in person or prefer to outsource to a professional with experience
  • Buyers seeking an independent advisor who can walk you through the entire process and make you feel more at ease

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