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Everyone’s needs are different

With over 50 years of combined experience in helping buyers and investors purchase the right property, one thing is for certain – having an established knowledge of the Sunshine Coast Region, the local property market and strong agent relationships makes the process of buying a whole lot smoother for everyone involved.

Our Values


We put people and their property goals at the heart of everything we do. Our focus is to ensure your home and your lifestyle are the perfect fit.


We build and nurture connections for everyone and are building our own unique CPB family. We are locals, we know the locals and we are known by locals – and we include you. That makes us unique.


We ask the right questions to get the best outcomes. We consider the things that matter to you now and will impact you in the years to come.

We don’t just find houses.

We connect people to their homes and communities.

Regardless of which property purchase it is for you, feeling connected is key. As a professional team who are strongly relationship-based, we are known for building authentic communities of repeat clients that are based on trust, honesty and integrity.

We welcome you into that nourished community of home buyers, families and investors who have all enjoyed their property journey with us.

Meet our team of experts

Simon Thomas

Director / Buyers Agent

Meet Simon Thomas, the Founding Director of Coast Property Buyers.
Beginning his property career over 20 years ago as a buyer specialist in Melbourne’s competitive Eastern Suburbs, over the years Simon has built a reputation as one of the country’s most respected property experts thanks to the depth and breadth of his experience spanning Australia’s entire East Coast and across multiple disciplines within the property industry.

Looking for someone who knows everything you don’t when it comes to buying? A highly regarded industry professional and an accomplished auctioneer, Simon harnesses exceptional expertise that only comes with a long-standing career in buying all property types, in all markets.

Passionate about the Sunshine Coast region and the unique lifestyle and investment opportunities it offers, Simon has called the ‘Sunny Coast’ home for over 15 years and offers a unique skill-set in truly uncovering and understanding what you’re looking for, which is ultimately demonstrated in his ability to consistently achieve spectacular outcomes for his clients. It is little wonder that Simon has a growing list of repeat and referral business from past clients.

Tamara Parker

Operations manager

With over 20 years of experience in corporate procurement, Tamara is our fast-paced, agile Executive Assistant with a very capable grip on all things business. Also boasting a unique set of skills in small business operations, business start-ups and B2B environments, she offers a breadth of knowledge in a range of areas. With an impressive portfolio herself, she is also a student of Cherie Barber’s Renovating for Profit, Real Wealth Australia, Australian Investment Education, Paul Blackburn’s Global Success Academy, and the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI). Ready for her to support you on your property journey? Ask her your questions. She’s here to help.

Jase Jobson

Buyers Agent

Hi, my name is Jase, and I’m a professional buyers agent. I have extensive experience in the real estate industry as a buyer’s agent, having worked on numerous purchases and personal renovation projects. My passion for buying and transforming properties into something unique is the driving force behind my career.

I have a talent for identifying hidden gems that others might miss, whether it’s a renovation project or a dream home. My objective is to assist, listen, and guide you through every stage of the property acquisition process to find the perfect property for you.

Integrity and transparency are my core values, and I believe that asking the right questions leads to the correct answers. I’m not afraid to delve deep to understand your desires and preferences, even if they’re not entirely clear to you yet.

I’m not only interested in real estate; I’m also passionate about personal growth, health, and lifestyle. This means that I have a holistic perspective on our property search, considering not only a home’s physical aspects but also how it fits into your overall quality of life.

When I’m not looking at property listings or inspecting properties, I enjoy pursuing personal development and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This passion for growth and wellness is reflected in my approach to real estate, where I’m not only helping you find a property but also a space that supports your aspirations.

Whether you’re an experienced investor, a first-time buyer, or somewhere in between, I’m here to be your advocate and ally. Let’s work together to realise your vision, where your property dreams become an exciting reality. Don’t hesitate to reach out, and let’s take those transformative steps toward your perfect property.

Shane Howell

Buyers Agent

Shane Howell is a highly accomplished and experienced agent with 20 years of industry expertise having started his real estate career in 2004. As a knowledgeable professional in one of Australia’s most sought after regions, Shane has acquired an unparalleled understanding of local real estate, business trends, and the coast’s property markets in general.

Having personally navigated the real estate market for numerous years, Shane’s primary passion lies in helping buyers find their perfect property while simplifying the often complex and ever-changing nature of the local market. Through his passion, dedication, and expertise, Shane maintains a strong client focus, attentively listening to clients to determine their requirements, vision, and budget, then delivers a unique and tailored service that uncovers their ideal property.

Throughout his distinguished career, Shane has a solid reputation for always exceeding expectations, thanks to his unparalleled work ethic and results-driven skill-set. He’s an excellent negotiator, a savvy marketer, and a leading authority on the local market, which makes his clients’ decisions measured and informed when it’s time to make important buying decisions.

In summary, Shane is an accomplished, experienced, and dedicated agent with a passion for excellent customer outcomes in the Sunshine Coast community. His unquestionable market knowledge, negotiation expertise, and tailoring capabilities have made him a leading property expert for anyone searching for their ideal home or investment on the Sunshine Coast.

Geoff Richman

Buyers Agent

‘Personal success comes to those who have a sincere, vested interest in, and care about, the outcomes of others’.

Geoff Richman has successfully implemented this theory over many decades to enhance the lives of family, friends, colleagues and clients, as well as his own.

Having bought and owned properties himself in London (U.K), Perth (WA) and in Brisbane (QLD), he qualified as a property agent in 2019 and over the last few years has worked extensively with multiple real estate agents, forging ardent relationships with many of them and, in turn, has developed a profound understanding of the process between buyer and seller.

Prior to that, Geoff was the founder, director and owner of his own consulting business, specialising in negotiation, sales and psychology and is highly experienced and skilled in the practice of debate, arbitration and conciliation.

In addition, his median engineering and building skills were cultivated during his involvement within the home-improvement construction sector.

He is thankful to be part of a strong family unit and grateful that the learnings of he and his wife over the years have inspired his daughter and son to fashion challenging careers overseas, the only drawback being the time spent apart.

Geoff is a long-standing Hendra resident, having educated his children locally and caters for our clients from Brisbane to Sunshine Coast.
He expertly combines his colourful and flexible personality with the need to operate in a disciplined, process-driven, and systems-oriented manner to achieve the best outcomes and results for his clients.

Geoff leaves no stone unturned in his quest to deliver the ultimate holy grail for his clients; their dream home.

Tiana Barnett

Associate Buyers Agent

Meet Tiana Barnett, a vital member of the Coast Property Buyers team, whose vibrant energy and passion for learning drive her every endeavor. Tiana embarked on her journey in the property industry in 2021, working for a prominent Noosa-based agency, gaining valuable experience and specializing in Marketing and all aspects of Sales Administration.

Since then, she has totally dedicated herself to hard work and has a commitment to the industry which is rarely seen; excited to explore every aspect of real estate.
Tiana’s strength lies in her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to adapt seamlessly to new procedures and online tools. Her warm demeanor and positive attitude have garnered admiration and appreciation from colleagues and clients alike.
Beyond her professional achievements, Tiana is deeply committed to giving back to her community. She generously volunteers her time to support various charities and events, embodying her altruistic spirit.
In her downtime, Tiana enjoys catching up with friends over brunch, exploring local markets, or planning her next adventure. Whether it’s a spontaneous weekend getaway or an overseas excursion, Tiana is always eager to explore new places and create lasting memories.

With Tiana on your side, you can trust that your real estate journey will be guided by someone who not only possesses expertise and dedication but who also has a genuine passion for making a positive impact, both in the industry and in the community.

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